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The average supermarket stocks 20,000 to 30,000 lines... You need your FMCG products to be as important to the retailer as they are to you!

Words of wisdom from survivors of FMCG marketing...

"When your buyer says your brand is to be de-listed, all you can hear is the blood pulsing through your heart, and the taste of bile in your mouth…"

"We needed Launch Engineering three years ago when we started… Now, we need to start again."

"This business is wrought with land mines, not potholes… Anyone who thinks they can nail it without decades of experience, AND a great team, is destined for failure."

"The world of fast moving consumer goods is possibly the hardest, cruellest and disciplined industries all them all."

The Leading-Edge Strategy consultants at Launch Engineering hear these comments almost weekly. If you want the easiest path, to avoid the "potholes and land mines", then you need leading edge FMCG strategy and know-how.

Remember, 50% of FMCG profits come from products launched in the past three years... You NEED launch expertise and a 'winning edge' to optimise your competitive advantage.

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Improve & Refine FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) Marketing

FMCG specialist, experienced consultants, make an easier, faster path to trial and brand adoption. Special proprietary (pre-launch) product launch check almost eliminates the chance of product launch failure.

Innovative but scientific interpretation of accurate market research, along with advanced understanding of CPG (consumer packaged goods) marketing models AND Behavioural Science, means we can help you optimise your channel management & trade relationships, improve your product portfolio planning and streamline your marketing mix.


Improved returns from advertising, trade spend (sometimes called promotional budget), sales promotions & public relations (pr & publicity) pays for FMCG consultant fees many times over!

BUT, that's not all you'll get if you appoint our team to help you: Think about these benefits...

Test If Your FMCG Marketing Needs Help

There are "tricks of the trade" and there is insightful, powerful ,scientific knowledge waiting to be unleashed... why not use both?

  • Have you a brand portfolio that matches the existing and impending segments in your market?
  • Is your product portfolio balanced with Rising Stars to replace aging Cash Cows?
  • Do you have Product Development innovation prepared to overcome substitution by retailer private label products?
  • Are your profits and sales growth 100% on target every year?
  • Do you leave a Category Review feeling thrilled or depressed?
  • Is one brand in your portfolio cannibalizing another?
  • Do you have a formal Pricing Strategy?
  • Do you Marketing Plans accurately predict sales outcomes?
  • Do you out-manoeuvre and outclass competitors at every turn?
  • Is there a 'buzz' in the office and high morale among your team?
  • Is the future looking bright?

Better FMCG marketing

Launch Engineering helps FMCG businesses be more productive, improve branding, expand marketing communications, control ad agencies and refine category management.

FMCG outcomes include an easier, faster path to trial and brand adoption. Special proprietary (pre-launch) new product pre-launch assessment tool almost eliminates the chance of a product launch not going to plan; advanced market segmentation methods give you a competitive 'edge'. Improved returns from advertising, trade spend (sometimes called promotional budget), sales promotions, public relations (pr & publicity) pays for FMCG consultancy fees many times over!

If you want the easiest path, to avoid the "potholes and land mines", then you need Launch Engineering help.

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