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Launching New FMCG Products

Launching New FMCG Products?

FMCG, fast moving consumer goods, marketing management for product launch success

New products are the lifeblood of your business… don’t take risks – use our trained, knowledgeable new product launch marketing consultants to be sure of success. Before you do anything, make sure you undertake a pre-launch check and ensure you haven't forgotten or overlooked any key factor that could mean the difference between launch success and disaster. At least try a DIY pre-launch safety evaluation by going to

Recent research In FMCG has identified that 50% of company profits are generated by products launched in the past three years, but life cycles are decreasing in duration while brand loyalty is decreasing in strength.

This may be due to less than ideal FMCG brand management, a harder industry environment but possibly a 'wrong turn" in our marketing strategies. Regardless, growing pressure means even more importance in applying and obeying proven, sophisticated FMCG marketing methods.

FMCG Launch & Marketing Help

Use know-how that includes market research that is second to none, FMCG marketing methods, rules, guidelines & benchmarks along with operational experience & a network in FMCG that we've taken a lifetime to build.
Tap into sophisticated approaches to Pricing, Promoting, Positioning, Product Portfolio Management... while developing holistic Distribution strategies, promotional methods ... all carefully laid out in concise marketing plans.
Find the path to win/win relationships with stakeholders, trade channels partners, while developing future markets and long term competitive strategies. Find business building options and prepare for contingencies while growing your sales.

Better FMCG marketing

Launch Engineering helps FMCG businesses be more productive, improve branding, expand marketing communications, control ad agencies and refine category management.

FMCG outcomes include an easier, faster path to trial and brand adoption. Special proprietary (pre-launch) new product pre-launch assessment tool almost eliminates the chance of a product launch not going to plan; advanced market segmentation methods give you a competitive 'edge'. Improved returns from advertising, trade spend (sometimes called promotional budget), sales promotions, public relations (pr & publicity) pays for FMCG consultancy fees many times over!

If you want the easiest path, to avoid the "potholes and land mines", then you need Launch Engineering help.

The Right Strategies

Strategy is not doing what worked for someone else, but what is best for your unique set of circumstances.
Strategy is not doing what worked for someone else, but what is best for your unique set of circumstances.
Sustainable growth is just one KPI
There is as much sense in letting an untrained surgeon remove your appendix as an untrained marketer launch your product.

Trade Marketing

To develop, build & deliver a comprehensive Category Review Presentation, download this helpful Category Review Template in PowerPoint format. Order a copy for a nominal A$9.99

FMCG Category Review Template

Category Review template

Some Key FMCG Concepts

Packaging is key to your marketing mix In FMCG, the 7th "P" of Marketing stands for "Packaging" - even seasoned professionals can get this wrong because it is much MORE than meets the eye!
Marketing is MUCH more than advertising and promotions True professionals 'get' that Marketing is MUCH more than just advertising & promotions... but many underestimate the potency: A deadly mistake in FMCG management!
Understand Segmentation and you're on the road to market dominance Understand your segments and their need properly and your decisions get very profitable, very easily, very quickly!
New Market, Strategic Management, Product Manager, marketing mix, business consulting, management consulting From Marketing Mix questions to product portfolio planning & strategy, Ansoff to Porter and beyond.
 in-depth and exhaustive knowledge on product sampling The worlds's leading FMCG corporations have sought our in-depth & exhaustive knowledge on product sampling strategies.
Better Marketing Plans simply create better results There is a craft, and a science to marketing planning: Our marketing planning counsel & help builds stronger businesses from the inside out.