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You hire a university-trained doctor, lawyer and accountant to get expert care... Are you as diligent with your Business Marketing?

Business Marketing Strategy: The Science behind Marketing & Communications Management

Advanced Corporate & Business Marketing & Management Tactics to ensure you succeed

How to get the most from your advertisingBusiness marketing is far more than just advertising or selling, or managed promotion.

Business Marketing is coordination of all the functions of management decision making that rules whether or not a business prospers, survives or dies.

Pressure selling and pushing products down unwilling customers throats leads to certain business failure...

Good Business uses marketing to make 'selling' unnecessary.

Business Marketing requires Planning

A Harvard University study identified a correlation between the amount of time spent planning a business and its success:

According to the study, “Business owners spending six months or less (in planning) ended up with an 80% failure rate. Those who took a year or more to plan ended up with an 80% success rate.

Possessing broad and diverse management training and qualifications, Launch Engineering leading-edge strategy consultants deliver superior advice and input to meet or surpass your expectations. They'll assist in developing your Marketing Planning so you get it 100% right and build strong foundations for a better business future.

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Business Marketing Strategy is not just good ideas, clever advertising concepts, intuitive business promotions and/or pressure sales methods.  Business marketing is building strategy with:

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