For new products, pricing products, launching a new product, product distribution and to target markets.
Supermarket products are easy to market... IF you know how Fast moving consumer goods marketing is about understanding the classification of goods Packaging that sells comes from understanding your segments AND scientific product analysis. Sometimes it is simply a matter of finding that single missing piece that makes everything else work

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Boost product sales, launch in Australia, for advanced product management, new business 
	and product launch. Use reliable management methods, marketing help you can count on, valuable advice, avoid errors.
Launch Engineering allows you to access the talent of many high-level marketing directors without having to take the overhead of a permanent appointment.
	Bring a product to market, all variables necessary to launch products from sales introductionto product strategy.
For a new brand, new food product, broad or specific product or market development. 
	A truly useful management tool that works as a step-by-step manual for your business to follow that will almost certainly guarantee the outcomes it predicts.
Quantitative & qualitative market reserach, data mining, 
	market segmentation, tracking, study, studies, and information management using latest techniques
Developing new products, your product development plan, and the new product introduction process.
	 Product launch services, new product development and launch, marketing planning, branding, market segmentation, sales and communications, product management, advertising & promotions, distribution strategy, pricing strategy
Before you invest in a new product launch, make sure your pricing, distribution, promotional, product and market strategies are all optimised and as perfect as they can be.
Planning, branding, promotion, advertising, packaging... everything for the successful introduction of a new product and the launch of a new business, division, category, brand or service.
Coaching strategy, mission and vision statements, corporate governance or just clever new business ideas. Management tools that deal with key issues that effect business outcomes.
Marketing is MUCH more than web design, web development & ecommerce... think about strategy relevance, find easier paths using industry analysis, market research and data mining
The stock standard tools, processes and methods used repeatedly by large coprorations that have the resources to tap into international marketing findings..
 PLUS unique and adavnced concepts such as Cowan's Law of Brand Decay: The Law of Negative Brand Equity.
Nothing proves worth more than success! See PROVEN results of our consultants' experience and abilities, evidence of success, marketing excellence, testimonials, case studies
Examples demonstrating how the best marketing consultants get extraordinary results
Launch Engineering services are about lowering risks inherent in all business management, marketing and advertising for new ventures 
	and for products in the early stages of their development. See the advertising, promotions, launch, brand turn-around and marketing services career credentials behind our consultants.
Launch Engineering provides advisory services and new product development services for companies of all sizes. The Launch Assistance programme can assist in their product development and in marketing services for new businesses. Selected new ventures may take advantage of a marketing investment opportunity exclusively for start-ups and early stage development companies.
Sales, planning, negotiation, sales management, sales growth, telemarketing, retail sales and channel management. 
	LE can provide materials and/or presenters to deliver quick, regular training pep talks in your weekly sales meetings.
An 11-week course that turns a capable executive into an extraordinary marketing expert: An executive trained in marketing management by Launch Engineering increases their performance and productivity.
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The absolute short road to marketing acheivement is maticulous planning

booming business, sales strategies, repay investment, achieve more, marketing plan, exceed expectations, complete success

Marketing Management Help and Guidance for New Product Launch


“Thanks very much indeed for your sharp and poignant marketing analysis. Everything has been taken on board and we've already moved onto comparing other business opportunities with more readily available market share, cash flow and growth. Your marketing advice really is quite priceless and decision provoking, especially for us as a family run team with limited capital. Thanks so much Leigh for the highly-effective way that you cut-to-the-chase for us. Sean Keith, Director, Keith's Kitchens Pty Ltd

“Our consultant, Leigh Cowan, hit the ground running with insightful and creative strategic and marketing advice from day one. He helped us get national distribution through pharmacy wholesalers, created interest in Coles and Woolworths, and made a major contribution to our business plan. Launch Engineering also guided us into better media buying and a great value TV advertisement.” Craig Erskine-Smith, CEO, Erskine Dental – makers of Piksters™.

"Leigh Cowan and Mike Crisp of Launch Engineering have impressed me with their ability to quickly understand the complexities of my business and the market we work in. I recommend them in the areas of strategic business planning and and market research and commend them for their skills in facilitating paradigm shifts in corporate thinking.” Alastair Smith, Managing Director, Strata Associates.

"As a start-up, we needed to minimise outgoings, but more importantly, secure maximum commitment and best possible skills to ensure Slice would become a success. We exchanged equity for fees with Launch Engineering, and the outcome has been a complete success." Steve Moore, Director, Slice Wireless Pty Limited

“We were not sure what was causing the problem. I got Launch Engineering to sit with me a few times and work through the issues. Now Parker’s Organic Juices is a recognisable brand, and business is booming.” Alicia Parker, CEO, Parker’s Organic Juices.

 “Thank you for the excellent job … the brief was fairly broad and time constraints were tight. I believe the implementation of your recommended strategies will more than repay our initial investment.” Michael Sheedy, National Marketing Manager, Ajax Chemicals.

“Leigh Cowan achieved more for Denes than any other marketing executive in over 40 years of operation!” Eric Sawyer, Chairman, Denes Natural Pet Care.

“Your marketing plan was so significant our Chairman insisted we get one of the big five accounting firms to undertake the same brief. They came up with the same results, but took twice as long and cost ten times as much!” Gerry Rowe, General Manager, TNT Comet Kwikasair.

“This is the first time we have used a marketing consultant, which I am pleased to say, has exceeded our expectations.” WM Ferguson, Marketing Manager, Marion Merrell Dow.

“We increased our sales of regular product lines by 50%… testimony of ability to assess the market and then select and implement appropriate sales strategies.” J.D. Stott, Director Vehicle Registration, NSW Government.

Case Studies

Market Research – Segmentation Study

Launch Engineering's Strategy Development team recently finished a comprehensive Segmentation Study in the Dairy Foods industry for a national advertiser. Findings have revolutionised their media, advertising and public relations focus, as well as a contributing to production planning and product development to meet growing and newly revealed market segments.

Product Development – Pre-launch concept development

Launch Engineering has recently been working in a significant NPD role in FMCG, the outcome is a significant core product innovation in 'nutriceutical' foods that initial research indicates will have resounding effects on the whole food industry.

Complete Project Management on New product to post-launch development

Launch Engineering executives undertook innovative New Product Development and market research. It then developed the trade presentation for Category Review and presented that presentation, achieving national distribution. Managing market research, and working with production, LE assisted in fine-tuning the commercialisation, from bar coding, trade units decisions and formula, through to advertising agency appointment and brief.

Promotions Management Project

Launch has been retained by a national health services provider to re-develop its whole promotional mix, in line with changes that have occurred in the market place over its seven years of exponential success.

Generic Business Consulting

Launch Engineering was approached by a struggling health foods brand, in the juices category, to assist save the brand and its company. After participation in management marketing decisions for promotion, pricing, distribution, and product development (packaging), the combined result was a five-fold increase in sales in six months.

Pre-launch Assessment

A Telco start-up commissioned Launch Engineering to write a pre-launch market assessment document that became an invaluable tool to assisting them present to Venture Capitalist investors.

Equity for Fees Involvement

Invited to contribute in an open-ended project involving Operational Development, Launch Engineering recently commenced the pre-launch development of a wireless technology publishing company that secured Venture Capital investment and will participate in launching this new venture.


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