Make money online from the Internet

The Top 20 Best Ways to Make Money on the Internet

... are to open a business in the Top 20 fastest growing industries in your country: Growth industries make money. Think about the PC business in the late 1980s, mobile phone business in the mid 1990s, ISPs in the noughties....

The marketing concept is about satisfying unsatisfied needs:

 Growing industries do so because the need is there: The better you satisfy that need, the more you become market dominant.

And the WAY you satisfy needs and wants is buy managing the *"P's" of Marketing:

  1. Your supply a worthwhile an suitable PRODUCT
  2. You manage the Price in coordination with all the other P's of Marketing
  3. You utilise appropriate methods of PROMOTION (Advertising, Sales promotional activity, Public Relations, and Personal Selling - analogue as well as digital) NB This is often described as "Marketing Communications" and is incorrectly presumed to be the main activity of Marketing
  4. You coordinate your activities through appropriate channels of DISTRIBUTION (you choose where and how you actually exchange money for service of product)
  5. You manage the PROCESSES that are necessary to implement the exchange
  6. Your recruit the participation of appropriately skilled and competent PEOPLE
  7. You make sure that the understand the different segments in the market place, identify and target the attractive segments and match your activities to equal the expectations of those attractive segments.
  8. You manage the internal, industry and community PLOITICS that exist to elicit harmonious coexistence, alignment and engagement.

The Resource-Based Approach to the Marketing Concept (RBA)

Every human being, and every business enterprise, has a UNIQUE set of capabilities. The RBA Marketing Concept suggest you remember those and identify what opportunities they may open up for you to match with unfulfilled market needs.

Just ensure you have the CAPABILITIES to SATISFY a need, AND make sure you have a formal, comprehensive marketing plan:

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