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Change requires mindset, attitude, involvement, stimulation and encouragement. Change is initiated with understanding, knowledge, empathy, and creativity. It is NOT just tools, or processes, or "people skills" or training... its more.

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Implementable, Integrated Change Management Strategy

Change Management competence creates competitive advantageUsing advanced Behavioural Science, you can better manage change, initiate bold projects to meet business, timing and budget objectives; and align and engage your organisation's capabilities.

Our change management consultants focus on the people aspects of change including changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organisational structures.

With primary focus on creating and implementing change management strategies that minimise employee resistance and maximise employee engagement, your leading edge change management consultants work to drive faster adoption, enthusiasm and motivation to embrace the changes impacting them and the organisation.

Our leading change management consultant, Leigh Cowan, has created breakthrough successes in government, private enterprise, senior staff and casual workforces, big teams & small ones. If you genuinely want someone who knows what they are doing, can collaboratively work with your management team regardless of parameters, and who will deliver the alignment, engagement, and clarity necessary for change to truly be adopted and work, look no further!

The Process of Change Management

Services include:

Experienced Change Management ConsultantsVisionary Corporate Governance Inspiring Strategic Marketing-led Leadership

It is simply wiser to appoint change management consultants who have successfully implemented change in their own organisations AND excelled in their own senior management careers: For a initial introduction, CLICK BELOW now.

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Change Planning & Implementation: Change Management Consultant Functions

Change Management Implementation Assistance

Our consultants can also:

  • Provide sponsorship coaching to prepare leaders to fulfil their roles
  • Establish forums for impacted stakeholders to encourage dialogue(reactions, questions)
  • Provide change execution skill / knowledge transfer across project teams to build capability across the organization
  • Define interventions to involve, make accountable, and integrate different change roles (sponsors, targets, agents, advocates).
  • Contribute the academic understanding as well as 'street-smart' ways of getting the required outcome in a no-fuss, practical and cost efficient manner.

Engagement, Alignment & Culture Change Management

Change Management Initiatives include developing a plan where you change management consultant will:

  • Partner with communications lead to achieve communications objectives
  • Design, facilitate, and monitor enrolment process to build commitment across impacted areas
  • Design consequence management plan to inspire, motivate and reward new behaviours and discourage old behaviours
  • Develop ways to drive cultural change; shift work and behaviours to support realization goals
  • Create stakeholder maps to inform enrolment, stakeholder management, and change networks.

Some change management strategy principles

Who are the Best Change Management Consultants?

Your change management consultants must be able to work to drive faster adoption, and minimum resistance to the changes impacting employees in your organization, so business results are optimised.

Change Management Consultants Who Tailor-Make Your Strategies

Beware of any change management consultancy that offers off-the-shelf strategies for change management... unless your business is an off-the-shelf copy of their previous clients.

The truth is most organisations have unique circumstances that warrant unique strategies... that 's where our change management services shine: Perfectly honed change management solutions tailored to the individual needs and circumstances that exist individually for your organisation.

Strong Change Management consulting skills

As a management consultancy where all of our executives have no less than 25 years experience AND appropriate FORMAL qualifications, you can be confident your consultant/s will have advanced expertise, including:

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