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Add punch to an advertising agency 'pitch'To genuinely improve your agency’s pitch win-rate, the sure-fire way is to speak the client's language. They know you understand "Marketing COMMUNICATIONS", its the other parts of 'marketing' you grasp that creates trust.

A review of marketing directors possessing substantial experience in receiving ad agency pitches, reviewing & awarding millions of dollars worth of business, indicated a common reason for 'disliking' an ad agency was due to that agency's disregard for complex marketing issues..

Launch Engineering's Pitch Assistance© helps Advertising Agencies look from the inside out - & get the client’s point of view. Advertising and sales promotion agencies are then able to refine the depth & appeal of their new business presentations.

Improve the success rate of winning new business

If you are winning more than 50% of your pitches, your ad agency pitching process may be already strong. On the other hand, winning 25% or less means your ad pitches may have inherent flaws - something is wrong - and it is time to make some changes: Fast!

Use Advertising Pitch Assistance© will help your advertising agency win more & secure more new business.

Why miss out on business you SHOULD get, JUST because you're unaware of some protocol, an undisclosed obstacle, or a missing piece of industry knowledge?

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Why marketing is so important to winning an ad pitch

A key factor in assessing an ad pitch is whether the ad agency shows real understanding of the marketing problems. Marketing insight secures confidence in everything that follows, so if your ad pitch shows a wealth of marketing knowledge, you'll always be invited to pitch again, even if you do lose the ad pitch, this time.

AND... if you steer the client with superior marketing advice, you will win accolades and loyalty, ensuring good business and a more secure ad agency.

What are the Reasons Most Agencies Miss Out on Winning a Pitch?

A 2112 study, into how an ad agency wins new business, found ...

  • 96% of executives said “chemistry” was the key factor... simpatico between the client and agency teams
  • 61% of executives said winning agencies had a confident, articulate team
  • 39% of executives said passion for the client's business, demonstrated by a "seamless link between strategy & creative"
  • Only 33% of executives said brilliant creative was enough to win the pitch by itself
  • 50% of executives suggested agencies need to develop "a new business culture"
  • 82% of executives preferred ad agencies who differentiated themselves from other agencies

The fact is Marketing folk TRUST and APPOINT agency fold who know "Marketing Speak",

Marketing is not just Marketing Communications - which is YOUR domain; but Pricing Strategy, Distribution strategy, Process Management, Internal Marketing, Trade Marketing, Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management, Product and Brand Portfolio strategies, Life cycle theory, KPI's and calculations like NMC, NPV, MROI, MDI, and dozens of other acronyms. (Yes, you may have heard of Net Marketing Contribution, Net Present Value, Marketing Return on Investment, Market Development Index, but can you seamlessly sew these into a brief that your creative people can turn into a business-winning concept?

Train Advertising Agency Strategy & Account Service People in "Marketing Speak"

ADVERTISING Strategic Planning and MARKETING Strategic Planning are NOT the same! While some Agency Strategic Planners recognise this, others cover it up, sensitive to being exposed for not knowing everything, rather than welcoming help because "only a fool knows everything".

Pitch Assistance© consulting delivers...

Improved Agency Skills, Executive Acumen and Better New Business Capability - EVERY time you include a Pitch Assistance consultant in your agency new business drive, your team gets 'skilled up'. They learn new methods, better ways to present ideas, more finely honed briefing skills, and ways to coerce clients to select YOUR agency's pitch as the winning one... If your Agency doesn't see results, you won't even be charged!

Value - Application to individual company and industry situations. The competitive edge of your pitch over other agencies shows you 'get' the client’s perspective.

Utility - you get an expert contribution to your advertising pitch without taking on a specialised, permanent pitching overhead. Your 'supercharged' new business pitches will secure invitation to future opportunities - even if you still miss out this time.

Ease & Convenience - An ad pitch with advanced marketing 'treatment' will establish your Agency as knowledgeable and sophisticated. The service is available at short notice and relieves your staff of early, fact-finding duties.

Leverage & Dominance - Superior advertising pitches will definitely secure an increase in successful new business acquisition. Naturally, we can only service one Agency in a pitch, remaining loyal to the first agency that confirms our participation.

Empower Your Creatives to Deliver Something Special - Something Your Suits Will Embrace and Exude Enthusiasm for - That Your Prospects Will Simply Prefer

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