What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

... how to adopt it and profit by it.

The Definition of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and How to Implement it, Adopt it & Profit from it.

What is Corporate Social ResponsibilityLack of Corporate Social Responsibility can raise the ire of governments, industry bodies, labour movements, consumer groups and more...

Some people think of CSR as corporate involvement in its local community, some think of it at dedication to sustainability,. Yet others see Corporate Social Responsibility as socially responsible investment, or identification and "owning up" to the impact of socially relevant effects of doing business: Corporate Social Responsibility is a measure of the social 'value' of an organisation... a measure that must be satisfactory or beware the consequences!..

"Corporate Social Responsibility is recognising the need for approval, in operational balance between ethics, social impact, economics & ergonomics, with the perspective that anyone, effected by an organisation, is a valid stakeholder & has a voice." L.Cowan 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Firm Performance

Studies conducted by Curtin University, based on the results from a sample of 280 Australian firms on the connection between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and firm performance (FP), found that reputation and customer satisfaction mediate fully with the CSRFP relationship. The findings suggest that CSR is indirectly linked with FP, in that reputation alone mediates the CSRFP relationship.

Ideally, Corporate Social Responsibility should be universally beneficial. However, corporate social responsibility (CSR) effects upon financial performance are ambiguous due to inconsistencies in measuring the relationship between social and financial performance, the effect of CSR on sales and profit performance and other control variables such as investment in R&D, an important determinant of firm performance. Common consensus is that the bottom line effect, at worst, is neutral: Launch Engineering sets about making it quantifiably profitable. Contact us to start the path towards profitable CSR...

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Embracing CSR within the Nexus of Marketing, particularly in the digital universe of social media, is the most dynamic and fluid way to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into your organisation.

What's more, with some rudimentary Market Segmentation, concise Corporate Governance and targeted brand and positioning objectives, CSR can be a powerful strategic asset.

Marketing Planning incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility cannot stand independently from the rest of a business... it MUST be integrated. CSR forms an essential component of Marketing Planning so Management can be as confident as possible of absolutely no surprises, EVER! (except for good ones.)

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Properly planned and integrated into marketing planning, , sensibly implemented and managed, CSR will measurably contribute to profit...

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