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Conference Speakers and Presenters on MarketingTop marketing speakers covering the full marketing mix from market research and new product development through to CRM and digital marketing.

An Array of Marketing Presenters Delivering Profound Marketing Keynotes & Workshops

Our four principal consultants, and many of our specialist associates, speak on topics across the Nexus of Marketing, including keynotes and presentations on marketing governance, branding, pricing, distribution, segmentation, etc.

The content and education is so relevant and so applicable that the value extends far beyond that of even the most accomplished motivational speaker.. because the lessons are cut-through, the knowledge is specific and commercially apt, the theories can be adopted to business problems and the subject matter is relevant to your industry.

Keynote presentations are not only entertaining they are great job-relevant training. too. Armed with new found knowledge the take-always are utilisation of this knowledge the next day delegates go to work!Trainer, Conference Speaker and Presenter on Market Research and Analysis

Audiences from 15 to 1,500 people.  MORE THAN professional speakers, our presenters are professional marketers, so content is practical and actionable and based on real world experience.

Our marketing presenters and speakers ENJOY speaking to marketers and business executives, which is why they do presentations. Contact us if you want to discuss an event.

These Marketing Speakers & Presenters Inspire Action & Results

Motivational speakers generate motivation. Thought leaders generate intent. Marketing speakers generate the means, which generates inspiration, that creates motivation, action, results and job satisfaction.

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Just some of our Marketing Presenter Keynotes & Workshops

Market research academic, practitioner, pioneer and workhorse Data Mining and Customer Value Management - More Profits & Less Effort: True Case studies showing profit growth of over 20% - Mike Crisp - Director of Information Management & Market Research

Social media pioneer, Brad Keeling, delivers profound advice on mobile marketing and social media marketing.The Reality of Social Media Marketing and How to Harness it - Facts Figures & Cases to startle you into embracing the Social Media phenomenon - Brad Keeling - Lead Consultant on Social Media Management

Market research academic, practitioner, pioneer and workhorse Bringing e-commerce online - the A to Z of Internet Marketing - Marketing Sustainability - Marketing Opportunities in the 21st Century
Michael Stovin-Bradford - Director of Communications & Digital Marketing

Turning Innovation and Marketing into Profit centres Innovation & Marketing: New Products, New Markets & Garnering New Ideas
Breakthrough Marketing Strategy & Planning in FMCG
- Leigh Cowan - Director of Marketing Strategy & Planning

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In-House Training Seminars & Workshops

Our consultants can conduct in-house training workshops from four hours to a full week. Training workshops include: Brand Management and Customer Value Management, New Product Development, Marketing Planning, Pricing Strategy and Marketing Governance. Bookmark the LE sitemap as a reference resource when you need to access some in-depth reliable B2C Marketing information.

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