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Competitive Assessment & Competition Analysis: Better than a Spy in Your Competitor's Boardroom

competitor analysis for competitive advantage and ROIKnowing Your Competitor's Next Move Determines How You Plan Your Business

Your competitors will NOT stand still. They want your business, and your customers. To survive and prosper, you must have a competitive market analysis, investigation & assessment of competitors' SWAT (strengths, weaknesses, adaptabilities and threats). It is just as important to knows your competitors' situation as it is to know your own.

Remember: "The only constant in the world is change"... RIGHT NOW your competitors are thinking up ways to steal your success from you. You MUST keep them under constant scrutiny!

Knowing Competitors' Next Move Creates Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Competitor AnalysisIn growing/developing markets, competitive activity can be beneficial (with the right strategic approach). In mature or declining markets it can dangerous or advantageous. Regardless, you need to know about it, so you can plan to maximise your position at their expense. Opportunities always lie in knowing your competition's focus, moves, plans... whether it be to take them on head-to-head, use their efforts against them, or avoid direct competition altogether.

Competitors are not just those who do the same thing as you. Competitors are anyone who distracts customers that SHOULD be yours.

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Competitor analysis is an essential component in managing corporate strategy

Most businesses suffer competitive damage because they rely on informal feedback, gossip, and intuition. Other organisations lose because unreported valuable titbits of information about competitors just don't get reported, often due to a weak corporate information collection process.

Good marketing DEMANDS formal competition and competitor analysis. Without insightful and informed information ANY company is at risk of dangerous competitive blind spots from a lack of focused competitor awareness.

Beat Your Competition with Marketing Intelligence & Insight on Your Key Competitors

Relying on market research and marketing information management for incidental competition assessment and competitor analysis is NOT enough! You need to know what they are planning, how much they have to invest, who their targets are, why they are doing what they are doing, and when they are about to attack: Marketing Intelligence includes all Marketing Communications (advertising, online, personal selling, etc.), Pricing, Product Development, Brand Strategy, Distribution, and more: It is information that empowers you.

Competition and competitor analysis requires creativity to make sure the feedback it fits your individual needs. Don't put this off any more, contact us today to discuss your competitor analysis and assessment needs, discover marketing intelligence about your competition.

What Does Competitive Intelligence Help You Find Out?

What do you really know about your competitor?

  • Are your competitors planning any upcoming product launches?
  • Are they planning any competitive changes to their pricing strategy?
  • Is your competition planning any major advertising soon?
  • Where do your competitors get their most sales? And profits?
  • Who are their best accounts? Channels? Markets?
  • How do they plan to compete against you?
  • Who are your competitors' key staff?
  • What are their latest, and planned, competitive strategies?
  • Do you competitors have a cost advantage compared to you?
  • Would your competitors be amiable to a merger?
  • What has competitive market research revealed about competitive activity in your industry?

Discover Your Competitors' Secrets

Why Your Business Needs to Analyse its Competitors

A surprising number of enterprises perceive themselves as competitive, but do not include competition in their marketing planning. Sadly, customers are not nearly as blind, and marketing strategy and planning that fails to consider and cater for competitive activity, strategies and focus, is marketing planning that cannot succeed. Learn more...

Competitive Analysis Helps Thwart Your Competitors' Plans BEFORE they can harm you

  • Uncover your competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover how seriously competitors are, and will, impact on your existing and future business and
  • Prepare for, and take advantage of, competitive activity.

What You Need to Know about Your Competitors:

  • Who the competitors are
  • What the competitors’ objectives are
  • What their strategies are
  • What their strengths and weaknesses are
  • What their reaction patterns are

Competitor Analysis is a valid marketing tool. True market orientation comes from knowing your competition, the wealth of information it brings, and the significant competitive advantage and sales opportunities that might otherwise be lost.

If beneficial, we can assist clients with in-depth Value analysis to discover Prime Buying Motives and competitors' competitive advantage.

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Know More About Your Competitors than They Know About Themselves

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