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Launch Engineering  the missing piece that solves the marketing puzzle

That One Product Launch Variable...

Much rides on the outcome of a product launch: Marketing Strategy and Implementation is key.

Launch Engineering is the science of launching a product using the tools, knowledge, methods & tactics that have been discovered and proven globally by consistently successful corporations.

Launch Engineering methods have been honed and proven over 40 years... a resource to make sure your launch has the absolute highest probability of success.

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Launch Marketing Mix Factors

Launch Marketing

New product development and launch is a science. Yes, 'instinct' helps, & operational knowledge is essential, but products & brands fail when marketing science is abandoned, forgotten or shelved. Launch Engineering contributes to direction, innovation, clarity & objectivity; delivering key insights and/or help in the process of decision making.
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Marketing Planning

Formal Marketing Plans are essential for achieving goals, internal marketing, management and control. These road maps to success bond and unite organisations, people and stakeholders; if they are prepared properly...
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Pricing Strategy

Both complex and scientific, research shows Pricing Strategy is often suboptimal, eroding profits and even undermining the success of a product launch. Pricing Strategy is crucial in profit maximisation and ensuring maximum payback from Marketing effort.
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Marketing Innovation

If you understand innovation types, you understand how to market different types of innovation effectively. One brief consultation can hep avoid product launch grief and build the path for seamless growth and commercial success.
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Launch Engineering treats all information shared in discussions, strictly confidential. Sensitive information is kept completely secure, from any parties outside the management team and consultants working on the client’s business. Preliminary inquirers enjoy the same strict respect for their confidentiality as our paying clients and no parties will be privy to any conversations without the consent of the principals concerned. Contact us today!