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A 2 day workshop for executives to learn how to write the best possible marketing plans

Improve Marketing Planning Skills - Help Marketing Professionals Write Fearsome Marketing Plans!

Marketing Planning Training for Marketing Professionals

Q: What is the underlying, main reason for a marketing plan?

Q: How do you pilot an organisation through processes to the results it wants to achieve? One that Planning that bonds and binds teams?

Q: How do create a concise, usable, effective and crucially instrumental plan that delivers clarity, convinces and concisely explain the issues that matter?

Learn How to Write a Marketing Plan that will Create Synergy & Tear Down Silos

Q: Does your planning get key departments working as a team, inspire thinking & focus energy?

Q: Are "Sales" & "Marketing" Departments at odds?

Q: Does every executive in your Company share the same goals?

Key Benefits of Attending this Marketing Planning Workshop


  • Develop Marketing Plans that stimulate business growth and profitability
  • Draft a road map with maximum ROI and organizational approval
  • Create an instructional manual for your company to achieve its goals
  • Integrate the Marketing Plan into the rest of your organization to ensure team play
  • Undermine ‘politics’, manage informal power plays, engage & align culture, undermine secret agendas and more…


  • The Marketing Planning approach taught in an MBA, plus…
  • The Marketing Planning methods used by some leading global corporations
  • To throw off the yoke of Operational marketing planning and how to begin Marketing Planning strategically
  • How to be twice the Marketing expert you are now
  • New approaches to engaging support and 'selling' your recommendations

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