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New Product Development and Launch Marketing Market Research & Popular Market Research Services Product Launch Strategy vs. Tactics Pricing Strategy, Pricing for New Product Launch Planning and Strategic Marketing Insights that help with launching products CLICK HERE to go to the DIY: Pre-launch Self-Assess Your Product Launch Risk Launch Site Menu & Contact Details

The Tips, Tricks & Science of Launch Engineering

Without the traps, hurdles and landmines...

The accumlated knowledge of 100 years of study in Marketing
  • Preview your launch to check it will definitely succeed
  • Discover things you could do to improve your launch marketing strategy
  • Ensure your product portfolio is balanced
  • Maximise your market share with appropriate brand strategies
  • Use the tools the most successful corporations in the world use to maximise product launch success

Launch Engineering is the craft of scientifically applying proven commercial methods to launch new products. Click here to learn more about New Product Development...

Launch Engineering uses and applies the knowledge of 100 years of academic pursuit in understanding the complexities of Marketing (which is MUCH more than just advertising, sales, or simply ‘fluff’). You can click here to learn more about Marketing...

Many corporations have built strong foundations upon disciplined marketing planning and product launch processes: We deliver these (and more) so your organisation gets maximum return on investment and efficiency from its marketing budget.

If you talk to us, we'll candidly and openly share objective thought... just call, or email, and talk to a qualified consultant.

Cutting-edge market research conducted by expert career professionalsThe People Who Literally "Wrote the Book" on Market Research

The people that work on your account are revered specialist experts in Market Research: Thought leaders, world authorities, MBA lecturers - you simply can't find better.

Market Research that Delivers Usable, Profound Insights & Intelligence

Do you have the information you need to forecast accurate outcomes, sales and opportunities?

Some of these services include the most powerful and popular market research services use by sophisticated corporations world-wide, such as:

  • Market Segmentation: No truly successful business can survive without understanding its segments. LEARN MORE
  • New Product Concept Testing: Discover if ideas are attractive , who they are attractive to, or how to modify them so they are most attractive.
  • Competitive Intelligence: For tactical, investigative, forensic or M&A advantage
  • Data Mining: Big data, Little data and everything in between LEARN MORE
  • Deficiency Analysis: Discovery why a business unit, division of department isn't firing as well as it should, LEARN MORE
  • Customer Experience Analysis: The truest way possible to measure and evaluate your marketing and operational efforts
  • Conjoint Analysis: Trade off and preference insights into developing winning product/ service offers.
  • FMCG: Attitude and Usage, Brand Awareness, Loyalty and Substitutability. Try GroceryTrack© - An Innovation in FMCG Market Research.

Are you Really Implementing Strategy or Simply Executing Tactics?

STRATEGIC Marketing Management advice Strategic Launch Marketing and Planning is more than thinking up good ideas, developing tricky advertising and aggressive selling. Strategy should be tailor-made; built upon proven models, real-life study, successful methods, valid models and extensive study. It is the key that unlocks the full potential of your Operational Know-How.

Knowing the importance of both OPERATIONAL and STRATEGIC skills, Sun Tzu, Author of The Art of War, said, "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

(If you're curious about the distinction between OPERATIONAL and STRATEGIC Marketing Management, you are welcome to download the free book, The Four Faces of Marketing, at this link to the Four Faces of Marketing.).

Strategy Relies on Insight

Not just from research, but from understanding of the vast science of Marketing, inclusive of product typing, life cycle analysis, segmentation, 'total' product, branding, buyer behaviour, product categorisation... the list is extensive.

Get Strategy Right and the Rest is Easy

Decisions flow without effort. Internal agendas, squabbling and politics becomes a thing of the past and "culture" blossoms. Talk to us about Strategic Marketing now, CLICK HERE.

Strategic Pricing is Not for the Cost-Plus Hearted

Superior pricing strategy ensures optimal value delivery, for optimal competitive advantage.

Strategic Pricind advice to help achieve the best possible product launch
  • Pricing Strategies shown to be ideal for YOUR particular set of circumstances
  • PRICING as diligently as product development, promotional choices, and cost control
  • Utilisation of pricing models known to be used to determine for the optimal pricing of products
  • Pricing research, strategic marketing pricing methodology, classic and creative pricing approaches, or unique pricing policy based upon brand positioning

Our specialists can offer leading strategy development that can make the difference between ordinary and optimal profits. LEARN MORE or ask about our Pricing Strategy workshops.

Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning is a skill developed over decades Business mentors & consultants often tell their clients, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" because it is true.

The best way you only get a well written, well prepared, comprehensive marketing plan is by you or your team working diligently with mentorship or assistance of an experienced marketing planner: Its a big job!

  • If you want to prepare your own Marketing Plan, here's a proven tool you can use for the rest of you career... An comprehensive Marketing Planning Workbook.
  • If you want your Marketing Plan written, our specialist consultants will work with you to write you an objective, practical, realistic one written by someone who has drafted successful, working plans many times before.
  • Our specialists can facilitate planning meetings, train your team in advanced planning and mentor corporate planners. LEARN MORE about our Marketing Planning workshops.

Product Launch Marketing Tips

  • Don't forget your Internal Marketing, and that you needs alignment & engagement of your employees, stakeholders and trade partners.
  • Have you shared an honest and open agenda with them that includes Mission and Vision?
  • Make sure you understand what type of innovation you are launching.
  • Make sure you are using B2C strategies for consumer marketing and B2B strategies for business to business marketing.
  • For packaging tips CLICK HERE, for free publicity CLICK HERE and for Good Advertising tips, CLICK HERE.

Product Launch Marketing Planning Marketing Services

Sydney Marketing Consultants that more than pay for themselves Launch Engineering has its head consulting office in Sydney, a branch office in Bangkok and affiliate consultants across Australia & South East and East Asia. We can assist as Mentors, Watchdogs, Work-horses, Devil's Advocates, Advisors or Sounding Boards... remember you get a senior, qualified, experienced expert on your account... not a trainee, or middle manager, sales rep or service boffin... so you get prompt voice of wisdom and experience every time.

Don't forget - a plan is only as good as the collection, collation, diagnosis and interpretation of the information you collect - so don't forget about your Market Research, CLICK HERE.

Don't under estimate the power of a properly developed marketing plan! THINK about it as an accurate treasure map that genuinely can lead you to the treasure you want... simply by faithfully following it! For more on Marketing Planning, CLICK HERE.

Ensure Your Product Launch Has Maximum Chance of Success

Have you thought of everything? Are you sure? Is it worth checking? What will happen if you're wrong? What will it cost if it goes sour? Do you need to prove to someone that you're product launch will go perfectly?

A Quantitative, Objective Model that has Never Failed to Accurately Deliver the Outcome of a Proposed Product Launch

You can have a crack team of consultants come in to your Company and undertake an expert evaluation of your proposed Product Launch to make sure you're on course for outstanding success... LEARN MORE or...

You can use the simplified, DIY (Do-it-yourself) model, online launch checker, with immediate results for just $5 , COME ON, DO IT! CHECK IT NOW!.

Why the pre-launch check is such an essential marketing management tool.

You can measure how successful your product launch is likely to be, and discover the KEY variables to improve, so that it Years of research, initially built on major University studies done in the 70's, have identified how important different factors are, and how they end up effecting the outcomes of a product launch: What different 'things' make a product launch succeed or fail.

WHEN YOU USE THIS TOOL, your input provides a 'raw' score. The "importance value" is then applied to each value, and then an adjusted score is calculated which indicates the chances of your proposed launch being a success.

YOU GET SENT A RESULT, where a 'score' above 90, means you have a green light, 89 or below means beware...

The accuracy depends upon the values you select , so be objective... if you enter inaccurately, you're score will be equally inaccurate. To be even MORE certain, you may wish to opt up to a complete Marketing Audit by trained Launch Engineering process experts, to improve your score and ensure optimal product launch outcomes.

By the way, in 17 years we have NEVER generated a success-score that has failed, or a failure-score that went onto be a success... 17 years with 100% accuracy? Debatable. Worth trying? ABSOLUTELY!

In only a few minutes you will have a real barometer of the likley outcome of your product launch

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