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A Marketing Consulting Firm that specialises in Helping Launch New Products

Launch Engineering applies scientifically proven commercial methods to launch new products, using the secrets & processes that the most successful corporations in the world use, to maximise product launch success.

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How would you like to be 100% confident YOUR product launch WILL succeed?

Launch Engineering's pre-launch evaluation has never been wrong (in 12 years) in predicting the success of failure of a product launch. It helps...

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You simply will not find ANY consultancy with the high level of acumen and talent that Launch Engineering consultants possess, that is willing to "put its money where its mouth is". Ask about our Part Fee, Part Performance billing option.

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There are over 100 pages on this site, dealing with everything from Brand Management and great advertising, down to detailed information on Competition Analysis, Marketing Training, Pricing Strategy and New Product Development Strategies. Bookmark the LE sitemap as a reference resource when you need to access some in-depth reliable B2C Marketing information.