new product development and launch

Product Launch Strategy & Marketing Management

Product Launch Success comes from knowing marketing & management methods that work.

New Product Launch Development, Market Development & Launch

Product Launch Marketing employs a series of steps - all requiring advanced management, strategic and marketing disciplines & training.

Effective Product Launch - Key steps

Launch Essentials for Product Launch or Launching your service, idea, venue, event, dream or innovation

Launching a product requires four essential cornerstones. Success only evolves from sophisticated and accurate attention to the following five mandatory activities:

Management Consultants Specialising in Strategic Planning & Corporate Marketing Governance

Product Launch Marketing Consultancy

For over 100 years the academic schools of marketing have been acquiring knowledge on how to make businesses run at optimal levels.

The reason that Launch Engineering is so successful at achieving record-breaking results is we temper commercial reality with academic reasoning - creating synergy from the best of both worlds. Read more..


"Helped us get national distribution" - Dr. Craig Erskine-Smith, CEO, Erskine Dental – makers of Piksters™

"Ability to quickly understand the complexities of my business" - Alastair Smith, Managing Director, Strata Associates

"Your marketing advice really is quite priceless and decision provoking" - Sean Keith, Director, Keith's Kitchens

"Parker’s Organic Juices is a recognisable brand, and business is booming" - Alicia Parker, CEO, Parker’s Organic Juices

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